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   The normal installation attaches the Flo-Commander main unit to the main air-jet/restriction passage on each carburetor body. The Flo-Commander Fuel / Air Management system will  then be functioning whenever the main fuel / air circuits are functioning in the carburetors. The main circuit just starts to work at approximately 1/8 throttle opening to WOT. The main-circuit is pretty much in full control by approx. 30% open throttle to W.O.T.

We also started supplying systems for the pilot circuits as well due to so many requests after Riders, Racers, & Engine Builders saw what it did for the main circuit! 


An FCR Dual (Main & Pilot) System Set-Up           An R-1 Main Circuit Set-Up                            A Main &Pilot Circuit Set-Up.



 A 63mm FC 2000 with the second generation needles  450.JPG (46484 bytes)

Check our main site to the the Flo-Commander 2000 for single FCR Carbs!!

One of the first assembly process`s 5.JPG (303947 bytes)

   Flo-Commander units are specific built for each bike.


  Above, a VTR Main circuit  set-up 


Below, a CBR 900RR w/a Main circuit system.

 Testing flow rates with everything assembled.

Our High-Flow Mod for FCR air-box adapters.5.JPG (214867 bytes) Daniele Lenarduzzi

  Above, a High Flow Air Box Adapter Mod we do.

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